Wednesday, March 11, 2009

H1 > IMG or CSS-Replacement?

It always depends on the circumstances, but I'm generally leaning slightly in favor of using img tags in headers instead of the fuss of css image replacement.

And please don't bring up sifr (siffer) - I like, you like it, or maybe neither of us do... but sometimes it just isn't a good fit.

  • + Css image replacement: a touch more accessible
  • + IMG tag in the header: faster to code, easier to maintain, unless you've already built/bolted on an automated solution for both the images and the css.

SEO values for either are open to wild speculation, but the general opinion is a tad in favor of the img tag setup. Add to it the dev. time (time=$, no not javascript library, money) you save, and that explains my leaning. Note - leaning - not zealotry or dogmatism, just leaning.

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